November 14, 2017

Save Money and Time This Christmas Season!

Have you started your Christmas shopping? Have you made your lists and checked them twice? It is that time of year again, and it always seems to sneak up no matter how prepare you try to be. So I am here to give you a list of amazing gifts for your family, and to even add to your own list!! So lets get started with those younger in our families!

First and foremost lets talk Amazon! They are amazing and you can find some of the best deals right now! They have their deals of the day which is year round, but now is the perfect time to get a Prime Membership and save during the COUNTDOWN TO BLACK FRIDAY!! They have amazing deals everyday leading up to Black Friday, then of course they will have their mega sales for Black Friday!! So hop on over to Amazon now and check out some of their deals!

Do you have a infant or small child? Well when my son was small that best gift ever was the baby wraps and baby carriers. Although some see them as a gift more for mom, I have to disagree! Who wouldn't want to be carried around all day!! Seriously this is way better than a carseat or stroller!

Also with winter who does not want to be styling with some amazing new winter wear for baby! We do not want them getting cold, and seriously babies can never have too much stuff!! Or can they? I personally love Handmade Items!! They are my favorite, seriously click the link below and check them out you will be in love!!

Now for those over active, exhausting toddlers, why not a great way to keep them busy. Whether girl or boy below are some great suggestions that have helped our home get through the winters Cabin Fever! The Kitchen Set is my Favorite!! It will keep those little busy bodies busy for hours. Let them take your order and see what they bring you!! It is so much fun for the little tikes and it is so cute to watch them!

As kids grow they get more expensive to buy for, and they become very picky about what they want. When they are little shopping is no problem. I hop on amazon and search their favorite cartoon character and with in minutes I have it all picked out!! Now it is a war of what gifts I can even afford! The electronic war begins at this age and have you seen some of the prices! They are ridiculous, luckily I found an amazingly affordable alternative for their technology wants!! I have discovered the Amazon Kindle! It is so affordable, and easy to use! There are parental controls on every aspect, as well as monitoring so you can see what they are doing! My favorite is the locking password on purchases so they do not empty the The kindle is not only entertaining but we have also added for our little ones and now they are learning while having fun!

Now moving on to the teenagers! Well I do not have one of those yet thankfully so I would not even know where to start! They seem so needy, grouchy, and moody! This one might be more difficult and I would like to wish all those parents to teens luck with their Christmas gifting! I am not looking forward to the drug out sighs and eye rolls to every present they open, because I did not get the exact thing they wanted! Or I got it in a different shade of pink than they wanted!! No matter the situation you can find the best products on Amazon! The best part is they come to your door without you having to go out into the hustle and bustle searching for that perfect gift!! So pull out your laptop or tablet and relax with a glass of wine while you shop!

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