October 5, 2017

When Children Play

How do you handle your children when they are behaving like animals? When they are running through the house like wild animals, making noises you would hear in the jungle, and destroying everything in their path? Do you stop the madness with a look, the yell of your voice, or the ring of a bell? Well as a mother of four wild beasts let me give you a little advice....DO NOT STOP THE MADNESS!!!

Join in on the fun! Enjoy a break from being the enforcer, come down to their level and join in on the memories being had. They will remember it for a lifetime! Children are easy to please, and easy to have an amazing time with. Forget about the newest fanciest toy, gadget, or tablet. Have a good time with some family time!

Our children, especially now that it is colder outdoors, get a little stir crazy being inside! I know all children do, and sometimes we will give them a little tech time to calm everyone and catch our bearings. Other times it is time for fun to be had, and memories to be made. Dad is usually the more fun one than mom, but we both have our strong points. Dad usually ends up getting jumped, where as mom isn't a wrestler or pillow fighter. I am the calmer one that usually pulls out the craft box or coloring books...lol

Either way instead of trying to fight a battle that 9 times out of 10 you will lose, why not join in on the fun. Let those little ones run out some of that energy while getting some great photo ops out of them. I enjoy watching our children run and be crazy, so I try to keep up with my camera and shoot as many photos as I can. I can not stress enough how important it is to capture memories, and mom don't forget to get in on as many as you can as well.

Children are only little and crazy for so long, so before they grow and become to cool to play with mom and dad get in there and make some memories. One day they will have social lives, other engagements at school, or even jobs! It is crazy to think about, but I swear every time I blink we are buying a new wardrobe because they sprouted 6 inches and are another year older!! I cannot wait to see the people they become, but for now I am going to cherish the crazy!

I may complain, and I sometimes seem to use them as an excuse to look like a total mom zombie; but I do not actually think it is an excuse but rather a reason. There is a reason I do not spend the time getting all dolled up when it is not necessary. If I spent more time on me I would miss out on way too much with them, so next time it sounds like I regret them, just remember that I am just expressing my way of being a mom.


  1. I used to be one of the "clean" moms. Life is too short. Just enjoy the mess because one day you will look back and realized you spent more time cleaning up after them than actually enjoying time with them!

  2. As long as they aren't being super destructive I just let them play. I don't see what the point of playing if they are restricted all the ime.

  3. Aww, you are so right, Ran! They are only little once - this time too shall pass - it's so important to play with them now, while they'll still let us! Because all too soon they will be all grown up :( ...

  4. this is awesome - yes to joining the fray (within reason of course) --> life really is too short to obsess over things that dont matter :)

  5. Yeah If I need to choose clean house or see how my son is playing or how happy he is guess what I choose all the time:)

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