June 20, 2017

Invisible Mom

Do you love looking through old family photos, and sharing a laugh with your family? I recently made a slideshow for my hubby on our 10 year anniversary. As I went through my 11000 photos and videos stored on my computer, I was overwhelmed with joy looking back on our life together.

I sat back in awe of what life has brought us. We are so lucky! After nearly three days of memory lane, I began sorting all our photos into different folders to make it a little more organized. It really was a lot of fun and I felt all warm and fuzzy.

I have captured so many great memories with my family...but I as I looked closer something was missing. All of the magnificent memories were great...from my point of view, but what about for my children. The point of my photos and videos are to create memories for my children to have them and grow to love them. I am a huge part of their lives, but where were the memories of me.

I am always on the other side of the camera capturing the best shot from the perfect angle, but I forgot the most important angle of all...the one that includes my children's mother. I am nearly non existent. I feel like the ghost mom, and what kind of memory is that. I spend day in and day out with my children, yet I have no pictures of myself and them. I only have a few full family pictures, but is that enough. How will they show their children, or grandchildren when I am gone. A memory is just a memory, but a picture is the best way to share a memory with someone who was not there to witness it.

The worst part is, I have taken pictures with myself included, but being my own biggest critic I deleted them years ago. When I showed up in a picture and I did not like the way I looked I hit the delete button and did not think twice about it. Well now I am so angry I did that. It was unfair of me to take those memories and erase them from our lives.

Next time you are out with your family take a family selfie, no matter how good or bad you think you look keep it. Better yet take many. Its not like you have to share it or even show anyone. Put it in a capsule and save it for your children to have when they are older.

Today there are so many devices everyone carries on a daily basis that we can take out and capture a picture, so there is no good excuse as to why we don't. Husbands next time your wife is cooking, cleaning, napping, or what have you take a picture or two, and store it somewhere special for her. A woman is always her worst critic, and she will be upset at the angle, or look on her face, but one day she will be grateful and so will your children.


  1. I need to try and be in more photos as well... I'm usually the one taking the pics... Shell

  2. Yes! I've asked my husband several times to take more photos because all I have are poorly done selfies.

  3. I was just looking through Shutter Fly pictures yesterday! I make it a point to get someone to snap a few pics with me in them. And I still sometimes use my trusty selfie stick!

  4. We take pictures all of the time even if it's a squished selfie. My husband is really good about capturing photos I hate but I'm glad we have them.

  5. Yes! When our kids see photos of us they simply see the mom they know and love, not our imperfections. Also, by being self confident about our appearance we set a good example for our kids and how they see themselves!